Who We Are


KF'94 Ltd, in collaboration with world leading technology suppliers, has actively been engaged in providing Industrial and Engineering Solutions to the Ghana market since 1997. Specific sectors we have impacted include Ports and Harbors, Mining, Power Generation and Distribution, Oil and Gas as well as Vocational Training.

Our management team with a collective experience of over 60 years works with a well developed group of Sales Officers, Engineers and Critical Support staff to achieve the company's vision of contributing to the development of Ghana through helping make Industries more efficient and competitive.

With a clear understanding of the operational requirement of our clients as well as the local business environment we contribute to improved competitiveness and efficiency of our clients by providing cutting edge solutions developed both internally and by our principals with significant R&D portfolio.

Our services include Surveys, Design, Fabrication, Logistical Support, Installation, Training, Preventive Maintenance, Repair Works and Spare Parts Supplies. All these activities are geared towards ensuring that our clients have full benefit of solutions procured.

We are fully supported by our Principals technically and commercially. The continuous training and upgrade of our team means we are abreast with industry standards and requirements.

Our clients are assured of prompt, reliable and safe delivery of solutions, goods and services.

KF'94 is 'Genuinely interested in contributing to the success of all our clients' as this guarantees us long term business and survival. A win-win business environment.

Benefits / Advantages Working of KF’94 Ltd